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 The Little River Boat TM

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Little River Boat TM Beginning


How  The Little River BoatTM came to be.

The Beginning:

In the summer of 1990 a child was born,  the first grandson of Jerry M. Stevens.    It was the advent of this little child that sparked to life the idea of The Little River BoatTM.

"The idea was to make a boat that would be stable and safe for little Jake to ride.   The Prairie river runs along one side of our property.   Most of the time the Prairie is a shallow, steep banked trout stream which meant this boat would have to draw only a few inches of water... loaded,  and be easy to get in and out of the river.    I knew it would have to be wide for stability and light so it would float high in the water and be easy to handle."

With this in mind Mr. Stevens went to a local Recycling facility (Junk yard) and began his search for just the right parts for what he called "Jake's Yacht."

Becoming a business:

It soon became apparent that, in it's travel's, "Jake's Yacht" was stirring a good deal of curiosity.  People would come up to us on lakes, in camp grounds, even at gas stations and ask about it.  When they found out that we made it, some would ask if we could make them one.

At first we didn't take the idea of building these boats for other people seriously but as time went on it became more and more evident that we were missing a fantastic opportunity.

In late 1994 and early 1995,   Jerry and Jeff Stevens began to make plans to redesign "Jake's Yacht"  for the recreational boating market.   A patent was obtained and the production model of "Jake's Yacht" came to be called "The Little River BoatTM."

In June, 1995 AquaCraft, Inc. was incorporated.   By the end of February, 1996, we were in business.

Moving Forward:

The Little River BoatTM is Unique and it's Exciting!    There is nothing like it on the market today!  And people love it because it brings family and fun together!

You can become part of this adventure as we continue to bring this new concept pontoon boat to families, fishermen and hunters...   Become a Little River BoatTM owner today!   Haven't you always wanted to change the world — just a little?


            Jeffrey T. Stevens


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